The London Escort Market – Everything You Need to Know

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Escorts or female escorts are women offering conversational or social services to male clients, predominantly. Though most of these interactions or accompaniments end up in sex, prostitution and escort services aren’t generally mentioned in the same vein.

London Escort Services – The General Scenario

London’s escort service is inundated with variety. Most online sites have catalogues of escorts – models, housewives, air stewardesses, aerobics instructors, etc. Several sites offer subscription services wherein a subscribed member can look up reviews of all escorts, similar to how restaurants and other services are reviewed on the Internet. While this may seem like objectification to most people, the feature comes in handy for people who’d want to know well in advance what level or kind of service they are actually buying into.

Most escorts have agencies working on their behalf – for business as well as security reasons. On an average, these agencies take home a 30 percent cut. The ladies usually don’t mind this deduction as they believe the commissions paid out are worth the services the agencies offer to their clients.

The London escort field is not very different from a traditional job. There are regular work hours, commissions to be paid, contracts to sign and expenses to claim. The escort agreements are usually drafted cleverly, with no mentions of the word “sex”. The rates are calculated on an hourly basis, but how the client and escort progress into their meeting is something the agency cannot interfere into or keep a check on.

Most agencies have strict rules for how their escorts should dress, interact, etc. For instance, some escort agencies want their ladies to dress the occasion or as per client profile. They cannot behave in a despicable manner as that would hurt the agency’s reputation.

The Rules & Ground Reality

If you are hiring a London escort for the first time, it’ll be handy if you are accustomed to some ground rules. The following tricks and tips should help you learn more on dealing with the service.

  1. I) You can’t treat the escort like your girlfriend.

Most men, especially first-time London escort service seekers, forget the lady escort is not their real girlfriend. She has been hired to accompany them and once the contract is done, she turns into a stranger overnight.

  1. II) You’ll have to pay her upfront.

Most London escorts expect upfront payments from their clients. The payments have to be done in full, with no scope for installments. Bargaining is not cool either.

Whether you need the escort to accompany you for dinner, event, or any other social gathering, you’ll usually meet the ladies in the room to sort out the financial things first.

III) Rates vary with service, duration, location and time.

The work of escorts can be tagged as “in-calls” and “out-calls”. An in-call is when the escort asks the client to come to the place of her choice. The venue is usually booked with the help of the escort service firm. Out-calls are when the escort heeds to the client’s outdoor requests. In-calls are cheaper for the client when compared to outdoor calls. Moreover, in an out-call, the client must also bear the travel, food and lodging expenses.

Dinner dates usually start at £550. If the service involves travelling to another place, the prices may go as high as £15,000, plus travel and accommodation expenses. Kindly note, these rates are part of the top-tier and the numbers may go down or up depending on the kind of service you opt for. High-end or pricier escorts are suave, much more educated, well-dressed and adept at properly carrying themselves within a high-profile environment.

  1. IV) Right dating etiquette has to be maintained throughout.

Yes, she is charging you for the service, but that doesn’t mean you take her for granted or treat her like a slave. General dating rules apply here, especially if you are likely to take her out in public.

  1. V) There is a variety of services on offer.

London escorts offer a plethora of services. Most prefer to accompany their clients and be the “trophy girlfriend” the client wants her to be. However, there are also instances when these services may take a sensual turn. Such intimate escorting may cost more.

  1. VI) Don’t utter the word “sex”.

When getting in touch with an agency, ensure you don’t speak out the three-letter word, even if that’s what you are ultimately seeking the service for. You are advised to stay discreet as much as possible. These ladies aren’t prostitutes or the likes. In fact, some agencies have stipulations regarding sex, such as: no unprotected intercourse, no violence or sado-masochism, and no anal.